Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery crafts organic, classic American comfort desserts and other original and innovative confections. We were founded in 2008 by Autumn Martin with the dessert that gave us our name: Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in a Mason Jar.

The idea for the “take n bake molten chocolate cakes” came from a dessert Autumn created for a charity dinner. The cakes were so well-received, the guests practically fell out of their chairs and the orders started rolling in. Autumn was working as Head Chocolatier of Theo Chocolate at the time, but decided it would be fun to start a little side business. And so Hot Cakes was born. Autumn left her much-loved job at Theo Chocolate in 2009 and headed to Spain for a 4-month stint of organic farming and rock climbing. Upon her return home in 2010, she focused 100% of energy on slowly building up the Hot Cakes brand which is built on supporting local and organic farming through the creation of fine, innovative desserts.

We hope you visit and enjoy the food we so love to make.



When you put it all in a big pot and boil it down, we want to make you happy. Our creative and rogue flavor combinations will surprise and please you. Our gracious and joyful personalities will make you feel taken care of. Our quality will assure you we care. And we do— about you. Whether you’re a farmer, customer, friend, or purveyor, none of what we do is possible without you.



oh_wow_1_compactThe “OH WOW” Stamp came from years of vending at the farmers markets and documenting our customers reactions when tasting our products. Over and over we heard “OH WOW” followed by happy sighs after a dip into our caramel sauce or a taste of hot molten chocolate cake. This happened so often, we decided to turn your feedback into a tool we can use in our kitchen when developing products.

All of our products bear this stamp of quality. When we are creating new culinary adventures and sampling them on friends and guests, if the reaction isn’t “OH WOW”, we know it’s not good enough to serve. The finest quality is our promise to you.



newsboy3_compactThis phrase just came out one day while selling at the farmers market—it was called out to passersby, as if we were trying to sell peanuts or newspapers in the 20’s. It felt good, and customers began to say it too.

We liked the idea of an early century newsboy calling out the good news of Hot Cakes, getting folks excited for the deliciousness available at Hot Cakes – “Get your Hot Cakes!” The Hot Cakes newsboy – spreading the good word of good dessert.



Autumn_Profile_mediumAutumn Martin is a 4th generation Washingtonian and is proud of her Northwest roots, which inspire a lot of her work. Autumn graduated from the Culinary Arts Program at Edmonds Community College in 2002 as Student of the Year and now Distinguished Alumni.

She was Pastry Chef at the world-renowned restaurant Canlis from 2002-2004. At Canlis, Autumn realized it was time to devote her world to chocolate and in 2005 became the Head Chocolatier for Theo Chocolate where she created award-winning confections and chocolate bars for nearly 5 years before leaving to pursue Hot Cakes full time.

Autumn’s work at Theo truly expanded her passion for the chocolate and food industry. Her sturdy skill for developing extraordinary flavor profiles has lead to many awards and a devoted following. You may already know and love some of her previous work such as the Bread and Chocolate bar, Coconut Curry bar or the Burnt Sugar ganache. She loves to rock climb, snowboard, surf, eat and love.



This is our way of saying we support “sustainable agriculture”—but we don’t really like using that term as it has gone through the washer a few too many times. To reach an understanding of how the world of agriculture really works and how our beloved ingredients are produced, Autumn has spent many hours volunteering on farms both locally and abroad.

For us, it’s really quite simple. There are un-natural substances that rob soil of its nutrients; make animals sick, grow too quickly, or cause deformities — these are things that we don’t think are good for the longevity of our planet. Because we appreciate life and the wonderful natural world around us, it’s important to us to take care of the things that allow us to be healthy and happy. Farmers work incredibly hard to grow and produce the food we eat. We feel really good about appreciating them. At Hot Cakes, we support farmers who understand the importance of giving back to the soil after it has provided and who treat their animals with kindness.

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