S’mores Kit

Small-batch Confections
Smoky, Chocolately and Sticky

ORGANIC, Kit for 6 S’mores 

You know we fully and proudly represent our home the NW. This awesome kit is an homage to both the Girl Scouts and the many, many camping trips we’ve been on in the smoky, drippy Northwest forest!

We’ve taken the classic backwoods treat and turned it into an elegant dessert made with high-quality, organic ingredients. Inside the kit is 12 homemade graham crackers, a bar of sophisticated smoked chocolate (for the full campfire effect,) and 6 corn syrup-free homemade marshmallows.


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Our Wilderness Collection represents our love for the wild; the great wide-open where life does not need the human being…wild. Be it in the deep forest, the expansive desert, the captivating, mystical sea or the forever plains, the wilderness has so much life that enriches and balances our existence. We, as in all people, must learn to love, cherish, care for and honor the sacredness of the wild.


10% of Wilderness Collection sales go to organizations dedicated to preserving wildlife and wild places. 


Celebrate the beauty and absolute essential wilderness with us – the flavors, the medicine, the experience. #wildernessdesserts


“Growing up camping in the Northwest, I fell in love with the smell and flavor of wood smoke – especially when it meant roasting ‘mallows.  My love for smoked foods led me to develop our original Smoked Chocolate, whose best friends soon became the graham cracker and marshmallow for a woodsy treat we call know and love as S’mores.” – Autumn Martin, chief chocolatier

Hot Cakes artisan confections are hand-made in small-batches with dedicated time and attention — In line with our company promise we select only the best local and organic ingredients to create our unique treats. Taking care every step of the way, this kit are meticulously crafted to provide you only the very best.  We hope you enjoy our creativity.

Serving Suggestions:

Bring this kit on your next outdoor adventure for some sweet satisfaction! It makes the perfect gift for all ages.


As with any chocolate, store in a cool environment away from direct sunlight or heat. Make your S’mores within 3 weeks of receiving your kit.

Contains: soy and dairy

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