Smoked Chocolate Chips

Cold-smoked over alder wood

(organic), 7 ounce jar

Never heard of Smoked Chocolate before? We love to push the boundaries of sweet and savory at Hot Cakes and smoking chocolate is just one of the ways we do it. Autumn grew up around freshly caught and freshly smoked salmon and became fond of smoky flavors at an early age. Using a cold-smoking method she developed, Autumn has been smoking chocolate for years and we are proud to offer our prized Smoked Chocolate Chips for sale.



We start with organic semi-sweet chocolate chips. We cold-smoke them over alder wood for over 10 hours—a process that takes a lot of care, moving the chocolate chips every 30 minutes or so to ensure an even smoke. The result is a unique and inviting flavor that will change any ordinary chocolate chip cookie into something everybody will be talking about.

Serving Suggestions:

We love to make our S’mores cookies with this chocolate, but an ordinary chocolate chip cookie recipe is lovely as well. Try melting them down and making hot cocoa, or make a ganache and use on cupcakes or cakes. Use in savory applications like in a mole sauce or ground up for a pork rub. The possibilities are endless!


Store in an airtight container away from light between 55–68 degrees.

contains: soy

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