molten-baked Our founding dessert, the Take n Bake Molten Chocolate cake was born on a hot summer night in 2008, while friends sat around a picnic table, bellies full, crooning over the chocolate warmth that stared back at them, waiting to be discovered. But conception happened much earlier, with a much-loved local farm-advocate organization, Cascade Harvest Coalition. For the past 5 years, CHC have hosted a fundraiser called Food Lust where Seattle chefs donate their talents to feed over 150 people in hopes to raise much needed money for NW farms.

In the Summer of 2008, Autumn, along with friends Seth Caswell (Emmer & Rye) and Tamara Murphy (Terra Plata), donated a catered dinner on another friends farm (Linda Neunzig of Ninety Farms) for one lucky buyer and their 9 guests. Autumn’s job was dessert. “It had to be deeply chocolate and sophisticated…but also cute and country at the same time”. Knowing that molten chocolate cake is one of the most popular desserts ordered at restaurants, Autumn decided a molten cake baked in a mason jar would accomplish all of her criteria. So using the finest Theo Chocolate and her skill, she went to town on creating a recipe that continues to knock peoples socks off everywhere it goes. Guests loved the concept, placed orders and Autumn started selling at the farmers market within 2 months. Since, Hot Cakes product line has expanded, allowing Autumn to create everything she loves to make and share.




As far as a near ready-to-serve product goes, with packaging and all, we feel really darn good about ours. We don’t compromise with the quality or integrity of our ingredients – always organic and the best. The packaging couldn’t get more sustainable – the baking dish is the packaging and the eating dish is also the baking dish and the packaging. And mason jars? The uses are endless:

  • store spices, nuts, seeds, tea, coffee
  • make jam, jelly, pickled garlic and other pickled yummies
  • store office doo-dads, like paper clips, staples, pins
  • keep your hair rubber bands organized
  • use as candle holders
  • use for drinking glasses (they work great for cocktails!)
  • plant plants in them
  • store found objects such as pebbles or small bones
  • make salt and pepper shakers!
  • keep nails and screws
  • make more molten cake!
  • use in place of ramekins

…the list goes on and on. Let us know how you use yours! Send us an email.


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